Beautiful Fan-Art

We have some really good artists among us KEiiNO fans.

These artists create in different styles and media. Some artists draw and paint by hand, others digitally, and then some make digital edits of photos other photographers have taken, all in the greater good of promoting their favourite Norwegian-Sámi band to the world.

Today I would like to show you some really beautiful digital edits, created by the 47-year old Romanian-born, Diana Oakes, who lives in Leeds in the UK, and who, together with myself and a nice young man from ESC Norge, is an administrator of the official KEiiNO Fan group on Facebook, KEiiNOFans.

Diana’s favourite media to work with is the two apps named Automatic Background changer, combined with Photolab, in which she has made some incredible edits of KEiiNO photos during the year I have known her. Because Christmas is coming and we are waiting patiently for Saturday the 19th to come so we can watch the Christmas Spirit in the Sky streamed concert (buy tickets here), I will stick to showing you her latest Christmas edits, which truly are beautiful.

I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.