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Song review: “Alt for Norge” – finally in a new version

Football songs that are made solely to be there, tend to be a bit small, full of bragging and nationalistically charged words.

For someone who for 28 years has had a strained relationship with the football song “Alt for Norge”, first and foremost due to Jørn Lande’s affected and pompous “heavy ballad vocals” full of emotion, it is liberating to hear the new version with Alexandra Rotan, from Keiino, as a vocalist.

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Fred René Buljo named «Sámi of the Year»

Fred René Buljo known from the group KEiiNO ran away with honor and glory after being awarded the prize “Sámi of the Year” by Ávvir.

– This is a confirmation that what has been done means something to the Sami community and that it has been worth it.

Ambassador for the Sami culture

With the celebrity status, one can easily call Buljo an important ambassador for Sámi tradition and culture – a role he takes with a big smile.

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All three infected – we are worried

Recently, the Omikron variant of the coronavirus has led to an explosive increase in the number of cases of infection. It is also noticeable in the celebrity world – almost every week a number of newly infected celebrities appear.

Now it is the band KEiiNO that is experiencing problems related to the corona. On Instagram, it appears that all three – Tom Hugo (42), Fred Buljo (34) and Alexandra Rotan (25) are infected.

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New style for Alexandra

“New year – new me!”, Rotan declares on his Instagram story.

– I took a chance and dyed my hair dark. Would go into the new year with a new look, says the artist to VG.

– I like it very much! Still a little unfamiliar with looking at myself in the mirror, but I like it. I have always loved dyeing my hair and trying new things. Gets bored quickly, she elaborates.

– I hereby change the expression to «brunettes have more fun»!

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Battle of the Stars finalist Alexandra Rotan: Does not receive KEiiNO salary abroad

Battle of the Stars finalist Alexandra Rotan: Does not receive KEiiNO salary abroad

The recent silver winner reveals that the band project is running a deficit internationally. Next autumn, she will start a solo career.

This weekend, Alexandra Rotan congratulated her “Battle of the Stars” rival Bjørn Tomren on the victory – apparently just as jubilantly happy, after ten weeks of exposure in prime time on NRK.

Exposure is also a key word for the band she is known as a third of, the Melodi Grand Prix institution KEiiNO.

In a recent application to the Norwegian Cultural Council for the Statens kunstnerstipend, Rotan says that the band does not make money outside the home country’s borders.

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What a magical evening

What a magical evening

Is Alexandra for real? Or is she a figment of our wishful imaginations?

Nine Saturdays in a row, Alexandra Rotan has now blown us over with her talent. Saturday after Saturday, she overdid herself from the Saturday before, and more than a few times did she leave both audience and judges in tears.

Of course we knew she was great, but over the weeks she has grown even further, and she may not have a professional musical education behind her like so many others, but giving her the stamp PROFESSIONAL would be appropriate after this.

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