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Tom and Alexandra in Beat for Beat – get free tickets

Good evening, VolKEiiNOs,

I hope you are all well and somewhat recovered after last night’s magical performance?
I was contacted by NRK to please tell you that ALL KEiiNO fans can get FREE tickets to be in the audience for the recording of Beat for Beat on November 3rd, where Tom and Alexandra are participants.

All you have to do is to contact her on e-mail: – send a mail with the line: beat for beat 03/11, and tell how many tickets you would like.
Please only serious requests – if you actually intend to be there, so they avoid emtpy seats.

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KEiiNO in MGP 2021

Amazing MGP performance

Saturday the 20th arrived, the nerves were on the outside since the morning, and the day was VERY long.

They made an absolutely amazing performance, Alexandra nailed her high note with perfection, and the entire staging and setup and their fantastic new white and silver outfits were so perfect. The happiness that radiated from their faces, their smiles, their energy… it was heartwarming and overwhelming and a true joy to wittness.

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Fred Buljo has a birthday coming up. Sign the virtual birthday card from the official fangroup, KEiiNO Fans Official

It’s Fred’s birthday soon!!

Soon it’s Fred’s birthday, and the official fangroup, KEiiNO Fans Official, has made a virtual greeting card, which we would  LOVE if ALL KEiiNO fans and supporters would sign. There is room for you to write a short greeting and then your name.

Closing date is February 4th, 2021 at 23.55 UK time.

Please use the link below to sign Fred’s birthday card, and don’t forget to sign your name:

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Monument number one in Norway and Israel, number 12 in Denmark. Photomontage; Even Ormbostad

Monument straight in as number ONE on itunes charts

KEiiNO’s new song, Monument, was released today, Friday, January 15th just after midnight. 

Thanks to Even Ormbostad, an avid KEiiNO fan like myself, who keeps track of placements, I am so happy to be able to tell, that Monument went straight in as number 1 on iTunes in Norway and Israel. Denmark follows having it in 12th place. If that is because Danes are into a different type of music, or because we are not that big a population I’m not sure about, but what a pride to see TWO first place, congratulations, KEiiNO & Co.

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Alexandra sings the official EHF song 2020

When this year’s European Championship in women’s handball starts in Denmark and Norway from December 3rd to 20th, the song of the year is sung by none other than our beloved Alexandra Rotan. There’s no end to my pride over this – one of my favorite sports events of the year, together with one of my idols, it doesn’t get much bigger than this.

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