Christmas with Fred Buljo

Exclusive Christmas interview
By Karina Brandt

Dear VolKEiiNOs!

I was curious about what KEiiNO likes their Christmas to be like, and what their favourite Christmas memories are, and thought you perhaps were curious, too. So I checked in with them individually online, and posed them ten questions each.

The images are for decoration purposes ONLY and are NOT the actual trees, gifts, decorations or family of  Fred Buljo.

What is your favourite type of Christmas tree?

–  Fir

What is in the top of your tree? 

–  Christmas star

What is your favourite type of Christmas tree decorations?

– Christmas decorations I made as a child, glitter, and LED-lights

Which kind of Christmas cakes/cookies are your favourite?

– I actually don’t like Christmas cookies I prefer to eat more Christmas food instead

What is your favourite kind of Christmas presents?

– Homemade

What is Fred's favourite kind of Christmas presents?
What is Fred’s favourite kind of Christmas presents?

What was your best Christmas present/presents as a child?

– I loved gifts from the Biker Mice From Mars series


Which movie is your favourite Christmas movie – or just a movie to watch over Christmas?

 Home alone 1 & 2

What is the best thing about Christmas

– Family, food, gathering with friends

What is your best childhood Christmas memory?

– The winter days in Kautokeino, with all my childhood friends

What is your favourite Christmas dinner?

– Turkey