Deer on a nightly city tour

Published in Fædrelandsvennen 28. February, 2021 by Torbjørn Witzøe
Translated by Karina Brandt

On the night before Sunday, the artist Tom Hugo Hermansen got to try his hand as a nature photographer, when a herd of deer took over Grimsmyra in Kristiansand.

KRISTIANSAND: – It was past three o’clock on Sunday night when I first spotted three deer walking calmly around in the street. Then more came, and I finally counted seven animals, says Tom Hugo Hermansen.

7 deer paraded the streets and passed Tom’s house. Photo: Tom Hugo

With corona-closed restaurants in Kristiansand, it was completely quiet in the residential area on Grim, and the deer herd could wander undisturbed around between parked cars.

– We had been out in the city field that day, and it was full of people. Maybe the deer simply felt there was more peace to find in the residential area than out in the woods, laughs Tom Hugo Hermansen.

Tom Hugo Hermansen. Photo: Kristian Hole

The Kristiansander is best known under the artist name Tom Hugo. He has participated in the Melodi Grand Prix several times.

In 2019, he was part of the group KEiiNO with the song “Spirit in the Sky”, which also did very well as Norway’s contribution in Tel Aviv in Israel. In 2021, the group reached the Norwegian final.