Easter with Tom

Photo: Istock

Did you have special Easter traditions in your family?

We’re a family of candy-eaters, so eating candy during the holidays have been a classic. When I was a kid, we also painted eggs and hung them on tree branches we took into the house. 

Did you have special Easter dinners in your family where specific dishes were served every year?

Usually, I’m playing concerts during easter, so we’ve never celebrated any specific day. But usually, we gather one day and eat “påskelam” / easter-lamb.

Are there special meals you eat for Easter now as adults as your tradition?

We always have roasted lamb one of the days. I actually was at my mother’s house yesterday and had an amazing lamb dinner!

Photo: Istock

Tell us about a few of your best Easter memories from your childhood?

Waking up on Easter Morning and find a huge hollow egg filled with candy was an important tradition that I was looking forward to every year. I also remember the strange, but the fun tradition of blowing out the inside of the eggs we painted. How it felt like my head were about to explode when trying to blow out everything through a tiny hole.

Did you go on Easter vacations or were you at home with family?

My father has a cabin in the mountains that I try to visit for a few days or travel somewhere to go cross-country skiing. 

Are there any of the childhood Easter traditions that you have brought into your adult life?

Well, I still eat a lot of candy! And I definitely cook lamb during easter.