KEiiNO Biography

KEiiNO was formed in the summer of 2018.

The name KEiiNO is inspired by one of the bandmembers’ hometown, Kautokaino up North in the Sami part of Norway, where bandmember, the Sami rapper Fred Buljo was born. Being a part-Sámi band, KEiiNO uses Sámi spirit animals to represent them. Tom as the wolf, Fred as the Deer and Alexandra as the cute little snow-fox.

KEiiNO won Norway’s Melodigrandprix 2019, with the song, “Spirit in the sky”, written by bandmenber Tom Hugo Hermansen and his husband, Alexander Olsson, and got to represent Norway in the Eurovision in Tel Aviv in May 2019.

“Spirit in the sky” is inspired by the historical struggle of equality rights between humans, which, sadly, still today is a struggle many places around the world. In “Spirit in the sky” the struggle thankfully has a happy ending.

KEiiNO is formed of three bandmembers, singer and songwriter, Tom Hugo; Sami rapper Fred Buljo and Alexandra Rotan, known from Norway’s Junior Melodigrandprix in 2010. What distinguishes Keiino from other bands these days, is partly the joik Fred Buljo adds to the songs, as well as they all have a spirit animal to represent them – Fred is the reindeer, Tom the wolf and Alexandra the fox.

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