KEiiNO – New single release, “Black Leather”

Only a few weeks after releasing Colours, KEiiNO is already releasing their next single, Black Leather, which is a darker version of KEiiNO than we have got to know so far. So far we have known KEiiNO as a family-child-friendly band, but Black Leather is not for kids.

Taking place in a Berlin nightclub at an all-men’s night out, It features a “bad girl” dressed in black leather, definitely no saint, going to nightclubs, making guys turn their heads drooling, and she is in total control of herself and those who see her. “Black Leather” portrays a future where gender identification and expression are no longer a barrier to fulfil one’s heart’s desires

The single is featuring Canadian throat singer, Charlotte Quamaniq, but you probably need to know what throatsinging sounds like, in order to hear what it is, and not think it’s another digital sound effect.

You can find the lyrics for Black Leather here on the site, under Artists and KEiiNO, or you can join the official fangroup on facebook, where fans gather, talk and have fun, and all lyrics are published there as well.

Enjoy Black Leather – I am.