Musical wardrobe?

Some people prefer to dress in expensive designerwear, follow the trend of the moment.
Myself, I love wearing T-shirts advertising for the bands I love to support and listen to. It happens they are made of cheap crap materials, but usually they are made of better quality t-shirts than those you can buy in shops downtown, often at the same price.

Yesterday I ordered the pink T-shirt in the photo from Electric City Cowboys in Sweden. It wasn’t without trouble. For some reason my webbrowser absolutely did not want me to buy anything from their shop, so it took some turns and re-directing of external links before it succeeded. But in the end it did, so now I can just wait for it to arrive.

Today I ordered the black T-shirt from Keiino in Norway. As soon as these arrive, I will have a collection of Eurovision 2018 T-shirt, Water Low from Russia, T-shirt from Keiino, and T-shirt from Electric City Cowboys.

What about you?
Do you collect merchandise from your favourite artists?
Let me know in the comments :o)