Pappa Buljo reports from Tel Aviv to the readers of Altaposten

Of course I’m proud of Fred

By Rolf EdmundLund, May 14th 2019
Translated by Linda Karina Brandt, KEiiNO Fangroup Official

Gives you input: Klemet Anders Buljo has a huge competence as musicial, composer and producer, but is also father to Fred when Eurovision starts off. He is going to report home to Alta from Tel aviv. Photo: Eiulf Grønnvik

To Tel Aviv

Dad Klemet Anders Buljo will be in place in Tel Aviv to follow Fred, the rapper and joiker who is central in the performance of the contribution, “Spirit in the sky”. 

  • Of course I am proud of Fred, Klemet Anders said, before he entered the flight with direction Eurovision, Tel Aviv in Israel. If we are to beleive the beforehand opinions, the trio has good chances for a place in the finale Saturday.

Klemet Anders are going to report to during Eurovision about what happens during the music festival.

  • I am going to be behind the scenes and will probably talk to Fred during that time, so I will do my best to bring some interesting considerations home to Alta, says the 53-year old, originally from Kautokeino and a very acknowledged musician, composer, and producer through several decades.

Seems focused

Through the co-work with Marit Hætta Øverli in Maret he has had many travel days the last years, while he has been the main power behind Audioland along with Olga Solyanik. The two have been central in the building up pf Sami Music Week, which creates hustle and bustle at the beginning of February every year. This year KEiiNO was on their place in Alta during the festival. Gentle and ready.

They are very coordinated and seem very ready for a great performance, said Klemet Anders, who looks forward to reporting for Altaposten.

At one of the rehearsals before they left, Alexandra Rotan and Fred Buljo met with the cultural minister.

  • One thing is that the song is great and they’re beautiful people. But its also very cool they use the Melodi Grand Prix for showing the languages and different cultures in Norway, says Trine Skei Grande to NTB. There is no doubt that the expectations are big, meanwhile it creates a lot of debate that the event is in Israel. A lot has spoken of boycotting the event.

Feels the support

Fred treasured the support from the cultural minister before they left.

  • It’s great to feel the support you have from the Norwegian population. That the cultural minister takes time out to wish us good luck, gives us a boost, he says to NTB.

Norway was before they left, on the 13th places in the combined odds section at