Review of “A Winter’s Night”

Karina Brandt

How come KEiiNO never disappoint?

What is their secret magic?
Is it love? Is it their deep souls? Is it the fact that they all have been through struggles in life which have left them with a deeper knowledge of what lies within people?

KEiiNO has just released their latest single, “A Winter’s Night”, only a few weeks after their collaboration with Sordal, “Transarctic Lover”, and like always, also “A Winter’s Night” goes straight to the heart and play on all heartstrings.

When I first saw the cover for this song, a little girl in a sleeveless summer dress, barefoot in the snow leaving melted footprints – and ar set of adult footprints next to her with no adult to show, my thoughts have travelled around thinking: Who did this little girl lose? Was it a parent? A grandparent? Or were the footprints symbolic for something entirely else?

Today we know.

The beautiful lyrics, written by Tom’s husband, Alexander Nyborg Olsson, tell the story of ‘someone’ who keeps waiting for someone, night after night. He or she doesn’t know how long it been. But it seems to have been a while since the mention of the mid-winter nights are here again, I interpret this as it has been at least a year. 

We don’t know exactly who is missing. Is it a real person? A husband? A wife? A parent? Is it an imaginary person? As there’s a little girl in the picture and little kids often have imaginary friends..they usually disappear at some point and it can be a great loss for some kids who really took these imaginary friends as real…  

Whomever this person is missing, it leaves a lot up to one’s own thinking, feeling and interpretation, and it is simply beautiful.

This is KEiiNO’s first ballad, and although it’s not what we’re used to from them, this suits them too. Alexandra’s voice sounds like an angel, escorted by the beautiful string quartet from Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra, it lifts me up to a feeling of magical love, makes my little hairs rise, my eyes water and leaves a lump in my stomach.

Thank you, Alexander, for these beautiful lyrics and thank you KEiiNO and Stein Roger Sordal for the music and thank you everybody else who had a finger into this production, it is perfection.

/Karina Brandt