Review: Transarctic Lover

KEiiNO & Sordal

Since we heard a little snippet of KEiiNO and Sordal’s new collaboration single, Transarctic Lover, I have played the snipped over and over again. It had so many promises and potentials, that waiting until the 9th of October, seemed like for absolutely-ever. Now the day is here, the single is released and I am even more overwhelmed and impressed than I expected to be. The snippet we heard did NOT do the song justice.

The song is fuelled with the incredible sound of the synthesizer, great rhythms and beats and unusual and unexpected twists of the melody itself. Like usual with KEiiNO, it is something we haven’t heard from other bands before, which is why they keep surprising us with their unique style, time after time. How DO they keep coming up with so much different, from only one octave in the musical range?

When reading the lyrics, a little movie runs before my eyes about a female deep-sea diver meeting a merman and falling in love with him. Spending a lot of time deep down in the arctic waters, across the borders of the arctic seas, she physically becomes very cold but stays warm inside, simply because this merman is SO hot that she feels she’s burning up with fever. Since she is human and he is not, she needs to re-surface and go on land from time to time, but while she is there, she can’t get him out of her mind and need to go back down as fast as possible.

Personally, I can’t wait to see the music video for this song, and see if the film before my eyes is just a little like I’ve pictured.

Once again, well done KEiiNO, and this time with Sordal – I hope to see and hear the two of you collaborate another time because this result is just GREAT.