wouldn’t have been here without my mum

Translated by: Brooklyn Northcote

She has been supporting Tom Hugo since he wrote his first song to his unborn little sister as a six year old. Today, May Irene Tveito is in place in Tel Aviv and is touched by the idea of ​​her son representing Norway in the final of the Melodi Grand Prix.

Published: 18th May, 2019, by Jim Rune Bjorvand
Translated by: Brooklyn Northcote – KEiiNO Fangroup Official

Tel Aviv: – It’s actually an even stronger experience than I thought. I have seen Tom in many big contexts and know he is good, but this is the biggest music competition. And then my youngster is in the final, says a clearly proud and touched May Irene Tveito.

It’s May 17th and Tom Hugo and KEiiNO are invited to a champagne breakfast at the home of Ambassador, Jon Hanssen-Bauer, in the city of Herzliya just north of Tel Aviv.

“Bonus Daddy,” Arne Vevling Sunde, and mom, May Irene Tveito, cost themselves on the May 17th breakfast at the Norwegian ambassador in Tel Aviv. In the background, Tom Hugo and Keiino are photographed by Norwegian journalists. Photo: Jim Rune Bjorvand

Also present are mum May Irene and “bonus dad”, Arne Vevling Sunde, who has made the trip from Vågsbygd to Israel to follow Tom Hugo’s Grand Prix adventure.

– I am incredibly proud, but perhaps most proud of the willingness he has shown, says Tveito and gets support from Sunde.

– He has been around since he was 5-6 years old. He already knew then that he was either going to be a football pro or a pop star, says Sunde.

He is usually a driver and fetches Tom Hugo at the airport or train station when he returns to Kristiansand.

– He works all the time. When I pick him up, we basically say hello and then he is in full swing working on his cellphone and computer, says Sunde.

Wrote first song for unborn little sister

In the finale, Tom Hugo participates in the song “Spirit in the Sky”, but the first song he wrote was called “Heia breasts”. It wrote the 39-year-old to his unborn little sister when he was six.

– We didn’t know the gender so the title was “Heia brøster” (Heya breasts).  It is freely written after the handball girls’ bronze song “Norway, Heia Norway” from 1986, says Tom Hugo Hermansen and laughs.

The song was recorded on cassette sometime in the 80s, but the 39-year-old is quick to refuse when Fædrelandsvennen asks for a little taste.

– It just gets too embarrassing!

– I’m impressed with what the three have managed to create with Keiino, says mum, May Irene Tveito.  Here Fred Buljo and Alexandra Rotan together. Photo: Jim Rune Bjorvand

– I wouldn’t have been here without my mum

On Thursday, May Irene was in the hall as Keiino qualified for the final. On Saturday, of course, she is also in place during the final.

– I wouldn’t have been here if it hadn’t been for my mom.  She has always allowed me to be myself and supported me – both with the music and at the time I wanted to dress up as a pink crayon at a carnival, says Hermansen and laughs.

– I’ve always thought that Tom has to choose what’s right for him. He was good at school, so I guess he could always do other things if it wasn’t part of his music career.

Its a dream which has come true, Tom Hugo said, after KEiiNO Thursday qualified for the final in MGP. Here is KEiiNO with Leonora from Denmark and Luca Hänni from Switzerland at the pressconference after the semi-final. Photo: Jim Rune Bjorvand

– Tom will always be Tom to me

But it’s not just the music mum May Irene has supported Tom Hugo. When he was gay, she was also good to have.

– The reason it took so long before I got up has nothing to do with my mum.  I have always been safe and supported at home, but it was about being afraid of my music career.  I was told that I had to be a heterosexual woman charmer, says Hermansen

– I didn’t know it until he said it himself, but to me Tom will be Tom regardless of all layouts and with all his sides, says mum May Irene, before Tom Hugo adds.

– Now everything can happen

And apropos the scene. So Saturday night Tom Hugo and Keiino will defend Norway’s honor in the MGP final.

– The mother heart hopes for victory and in the final everything can happen. And imagine if they had won. It had been fun, concludes May Irene Tveito.