Duolva Duottar-Fred ready for MGP

Duolva Duottar-Fred ready for MGP

Today it became clear which ten artists are to participate in Melodi Grand Prix (MGP)

One of the participants comes from Kautokeino. His name is Fred Buljo and is known as one of the members of the Norwegian-Sami rap group, Duolva Duottar.

He is participating in a group called KEiiNO, which is a Norwegian-Sami workproject between the artists Buljo, Alexandra Rotan and Tom Hugo.

On NRK’s website is written that the Sami population for long had to fight for its culture to be accepted, and this issue made it natural to involve a Sami songwriter in the project. Fred Buljo liked the idea and “Spirit in the sky” was born. Later they involved the Finnish producer, Henrik Tala, and then Alexandra Rotan.

Those behind the lyrics and melody of “Spirit in the sky” are Tom Hugo, Fred Buljo, Alexandra Rotan, Henrik Tala, and Alex Olsson.