Thank you to Tom HugoFred BuljoKlemet Buljo and Alexandra Rotan, for what you do for the KEiiNO Fangroup

Thank you to Tobias Asgaarden, photographer on several of KEiiNO’s adventures, for letting me use your photos.

Julia Naglestad and NRK for written permission to use your photos of KEiiNO 

Andreas Jismark as PR agent for help, your input and enthusiasm.

Birgitte and Brooklyn for your enthusiasm and passion with KEiiNO and this project.

Diana and André from the KEiiNO Fangroup Official, who for the last year now has made being a KEiiNO fan a lot more interesting and funny and the evenings less boring.

A huge thanks also to the fans and members of KEiiNO Fangroup Official, who participates with input, reviews and feedback with a passion of heart.