KEiiNO in MGP 2024

By Linda Karina Brandt, KEIiNO NEWS, January 5th, 2024

KEiiNO performing Spirit in the sky, 2019. Photo: Julia Nagelstad, NRK

After KEiiNO reached 6th place in Eurovision 2019 with “Spirit in the sky”, the speculations have gone on yearly, wether or not they would participate in Melodi Grand Prix again. Every year, fans have speculated, hoped, crossed their fingers and they were THRILLED when the announcement came in 2021, that KEiiNO would participate that year, with their amazing song, Monument, where during the filming of the music video, in Norway’s most beautiful places, Fred slipped and nearly fell off a mountain. A big scare, which we all didn’t know about until a few months later, when it was revealed in an article. Thank goodness he “only” hurt his head, and it didn’t go worse than that.

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As all fans know, in the MGP finale, Monument came in second after “Fallen Angel” with Tix. Fans were bummed, disappointed and some also angry, although we have to admit that Fallen Angel WAS a good song, and Tix presented it beautifully at Eurovision that year. I think it grew on all of us, once the disappointment had settled.

KEiiNO performing Monument in 2021. Photo: Julie Nagelstad, NRK

Since 2021, fans have again speculated, yearly, wether or not KEiiNO would join MGP again. In 2022, no. in 2023, no. but around the new year 2024, little hints in the form of recap videos began showing on their Instagram. Very soon fans picked up the hints and the theory of them joining THIS year was larger than the two years before. As the week went by, more and more hints, fans became more and more sure – so sure that the KEiiNO Fan Group Official on Facebook, last night had a special balloon made for KEiiNO with, “good luck” printed on, for the fan group manager to hand to them at the MGP reveal today. 

Good luck in MGP 24, printed balloon from the Official KEiiNO Fan Group on Facebook. Photo: André Thomassen Haugen

It was a very long hour from 12.50 and the news started, and when the participants were presented one by one, from 13.00, but FINALLY all the fans’ hopes and expectations were fulfilled – KEiiNO was presented as participants, with their brand new single, “Damdiggida”, written by Alexander N. Olsson, Tom Hugo Hermansen, Alexandra Rotan, Jakob Redtzer, and Fred Buljo.

With this to look very much forward to, we wish KEiiNO all the best of luck in MGP 2024, can’t wait to see them perform again.