KEiiNO returns to Melodi Grand Prix

It is time for a new round of Norway’s largest music competition, and many artists return to the MGP stage.

Published January the 5th, 2024, by: Marit Sofie Strand, Journalist NRK, Jon Marius Hyttebakk, Journalist NRK, Linda Marie Vedeler, Journalist NRK.

Translated January the 6th, 2024, by Linda Karina Brandt, KEiiNO-NEWS, and Diana Oakes, KEiiNO Fan Group Official

BACK IN THE ARENA: KEiiNO is among the artists returning to Eurovision

The trio, KEiiNO, is back for the third time after they won the popular vote in Eurovision 2019 and came second in MGP 2021.

Is the third time the one to strike it lucky?

“We hope so! Its been a dream of ours to win Eurovision since we were children. And now we’re back with an energetic song that hopefully gets people to enjoy themselves. We’re excited,” said Keiino member, Alexandra Rotan.

Third semi-final, January 27 – KEiiNO: “Damdiggida”

Lyrics and music: Alexandra Rotan, Fred Buljo, Tom Hugo Hermansen, Alexander N. Olsson and Jakob Redtzer


Listen to, “Damdiggida”, on Spotify

Five years have passed since KEiiNO combined indigenous Norwegian melodies, joik and danceable pop for the first time, and the unique sound has gained a large international audience. Since KEiiNO won the hearts of viewers in Eurovision in 2019, they have released 28 songs, topped the charts, become radio favourites, won awards and been nominated for the Spellemann award.

Most of the trio’s 150 million plays on Spotify and YouTube come from abroad. KEiiNO has, among other things, toured Australia twice and played to large crowds in Europe several times.

For Alexandra, Fred and Tom Hugo, the Eurovision Song Contest is the European Pop Championship. When they suddenly had a song they thought would engage a lot of people, they wanted to make another attempt to take the victory home.