New Single – Fade Out

From Tom:

On Friday I’ll release a very special song: Fade Out. Not only because I’m happy with the composition and think the musicians play fantastically, but because the text (written by Alexander Nyborg Olsson ) has clearly become the subject of debate before its release. A small piece of art for a text with no harsh words or references to illegalities in the pop world in 2023.

Now, after a little if and but, we get to play this (and many other songs on my upcoming album) for the youth at Flekkerøy until Wednesday, and we will do everything we can to make sure that absolutely everyone feels included at the concert! For those who do not get to hear the song at the junior school concert, I would be VERY happy if you follow the link below to “pre-save”. Then you will automatically get Fade Out on your release radar ????

Song lyrics are rarely autobiographical, and are not these days made as historical depictions. Something about fade out is self experience though. It’s the feeling of anger that ends up in powerlessness. There were many of us who knew this when people with a disgust for most people who can be considered “different” marched in pace, with police protection, down Markens in Kristiansand. Another thing that triggers me, is when people claim that certain people are “different” from what they ARE. Many have experienced this both in and outside Kristiansand.

There are also countless forms of “difference”, not just who you fall in love with, and we hope that the board around Fade Out can help some challenge their own attitudes towards those around them. For others it might just be a nice song. For some, it may be a little stiff. But that’s still fine, as we like to say in the southern part of the country ????