Over ten thousand fans are waiting for KEiiNO in Amsterdam

By Emma Hoff, iFinnmark, November 2nd, 2023
Translated by Karina Brandt, KEiiNO NEWS

The three artists make up the music group KEiiNO.

Now, the trio is looking forward to finally getting back together and playing for their overseas fans.

The band plays in Copenhagen on the Danish Eurovision club’s anniversary, before they for the third time are part of the big Eurovision fan party, Het Grote Songfestivaalfest, in Amsterdam on November 16th. Close to 15,000 Eurovision fans from all over the world will attend. 

“Its quite unique and fantastic that we almost five years after we participated in Eurovision, still get the opportunity to play on the biggest Eurovision stages in the world, outside of the competition itself. We’ve always had a close relationship with our fans and work daily to maintain that relationship and accessibility for them. So now we are extremely excited to go to Copenhagen and Amsterdam to feel the love of the amazing Eurovision fans, says Alexandra Rotan.

In a few days, they will release their new single, “Insomnia”. And just like in the monster hit “Spirit in the Sky”, known from the Eurovision Song Contest and Eurovision, North Sámi joik is an important part of the soundscape.