KEiiNO goes down to 6th place

Norway goes down one place in Eurovision

May22nd 2019 by Helle Høiness, NTB, translated by Linda Karina Brandt/KEiiNO Fangroup Official

Keiino on the stage in the finale. Photo: SEBASTIAN SCHEINER / AP / NTB SCANPIX

Norway loses the placement in front of Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest-finale after the votes have been corrected.

Originally Norway earnt a 5th place with KEiiNO’s contribution, “Spirit in the sky”, one place ahead of Sweden’s 6th place. Now the situation is upside down.

Wednesday the message that European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has corrected the votes, tells NRK, and with this, Norway is no longer the best of the Nordic countries in 2019.

  • We don’t care about 5th of 6th places. We celebrate that we won the votes of the people. We congratulate John Lundvik, and are happy that an error has been corrected. And who knows, since the jurysystem obviously not is completely to be trusted, EBU might find some hidden points for us so we move back up, say all three in KEiiNO.

Originally the jury gave Norway 47 points. This meant a 15th place before the public votes were read. What secured the Norwegian contribution the good placement was the public votes, with the entire 291 points.

NRK doesn’t tell if it is the amount of public votes or of juryvotes which are not corrected. (©NTB)