KEiiNO the winners of the ESC Cup 2010-2019

By Karina Brandt, with the assistance from André T. Haugen & Endre Fagervold from ESCnorge

KEiiNO at Eurovision in Tel Aviv, May 2019.

In the past 21 weeks, a Eurovision event named the ESC-Cup 2010-2019, thought up by ESCnorge’s Eirik Hagen, has taken place through ESCnorge’s website.

A tournament of 408 songs from 2010 to 2019 was parted up in groups of initial rounds. Votes for the songs were given in the same way as the real Eurovision votes, starting with 12 points for the favorite song, 10 points for second-favorite, 8 points for third, and then downwards from 7 till 1. 

The ESC-Cup 2010-2019 was held by ESC Norge, Norge’s largest Eurovision websites. Picture: ESCnorge

There were 20 initial rounds with 20 songs in each, and from each initial round, 7 songs were selected to continue to round 2.

Round 2 started off with 140 songs, parted up in 5 groups. Every week 2 groups of songs were made public, with 14 songs in each group. 7 songs from each group continued to the semi-finale.

In the semi-finale, there were 5 groups. 1 group was presented every week, with 5 songs that would continue to the finale, which would hold the total of 25 songs.

Today, Sunday, June 7th, was the finale day, and although the event started out with 408 songs from ten years, our own beloved KEiiNO ran of with the victory of becoming the winner of the decade, with 491 votes. 

KEiiNO with their award from Melodi Grand Prix where they won in Oslo Spektrum, 2019. Photo:

For KEiiNO fans, this is, of course, a really big thing, since KEiiNO has only existed for such a short time compared to other Eurovision participants, and only had one year to make an impression with their beautiful, “Spirit in the sky”, where many of the other countries have had 2 or more years to get settled in people’s minds. 

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