— We are looking so much forward to playing for the Alta-citizens

From Altaposten.no, translated by Karina Brandt

Makes promo-video in Alta: Fred Buljo (to the right) and the band KEiiNO is this weekend going to record a music video for the song, “Spirit in the sky” which they are performing at Melodi Grand Prix. In addition, they are giving three concerts Saturday, in the center of Alta.  — We are looking so much forward to playing for the citizens of Alta, says Buljo and Henri Tala, who is the producer of the band.

KEiiNO, which is a Northern Sámi cooperative project between the artists Fred Buljo, Alexandra Rotan, and Tom Hugo, looks forward to playing alive at several places in the center of Alta this Saturday.

Three concerts

— The entire band is looking forward to playing for the citizens of Alta. We are performing at Amfi, Puskas, and Sámi Music Awards this Saturday. In addition, we are in the songwriting camp in Sámi Music Week these days and we hope to stitch together several song-bites we have made, says Fred Buljo, who many know from the Norwegian-Sámi rap group, Duolva Duottar.

— You are known as a rapper. How is it to be a vocalist?

— It’s a wonderful liberation. KEiiNO is a pop-band and I appreciate very much to finally sing melodic melodies. It is something I have wanted for many years.

— How did KEiiNO begin?

— I was contacted by Tom Hugo who had an idea for a song and after having worked us through to the song, “Spirit in the sky” with the others in the band who are Alex Olsson, Tom Hugo, Henrik Tala, and Alexandra Rotan, we sent it into Melodi Grand Prix which, to our joy, wanted it.

— What does KEiiNO mean?

— It is playing a little with the name Kautokeino where I am from, and it is also a combined word from Sámi and Finnish, meaning road or meeting on a road.


In addition to the many playing jobs this weekend, the band is also going to record a music video in the ice hotel in Sorrisniva.

— We have made an acoustic version of “Spirit in the sky” and for this, we are going to make a music video we are going to use in connection to the promotion of the song towards Melodi Grand Prix, which is on March 2nd in Oslo Spektrum, Buljo says.

— You are currently on the top of a lot of odd-set gaming channels. What are your thoughts about the chances to win in MGP?

— It is nice to see so many regarding us as favorites. I haven’t thought so much about winner chances but we are in it to win so, of course, we hope this will happen, Buljo rounds off.