KEiiNO on Cameo

A lot of you are probably aware that you can order either yourself or someone you care for, a greeting from KEiiNO through a service named Cameo. But newer fans may not know, so this post is to inform you of this brilliant service.

Cameo is an app, and a service, where several artists worldwide provide a message service, which you as a customer pay for, and either within a few days receive, or if the amount of time is exceeded, get your money refunded.

KEiiNO has a service on Cameo, where you can order a message either for yourself, your mom, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, whomever you think should receive a greeting or a message from KEiiNO. You will then get an email notification when the message is ready and you will have to download the Cameo app, if you haven’t already, to be able to view and download the message.

When you order the message, you can chose to have it either public so others can view it, or you can have it private so only you can view it. The price is the same, 25USD.

I have used it myself a few times, and they all deliver some lovely messages, so if you are in need of a gift to someone who has everything else, or just want to give a little extra, then consider ordering a Cameo.