Easter with Fred

Did you have special Easter traditions in your family?

Yes. We always used to go on a snowmobile trip in Kautokeino. We brought food for the fire and stayed out the whole day.

Did you have special Easter dinners in your family where specific dishes were served each year?

Yes, it is a dish that we ate every year, it was lamb shank. We also had Easter breakfast with soft-boiled eggs, and always mandatory with dried reindeer meat.

Are there special meals you eat for Easter now as an adult as your tradition?

Now I eat most things. But I always have to grill sausage in the woods or on a fire pan.

Tell us about some of your best Easter memories from your childhood?

It is to grow up in Kautokeino and participate in the Easter festival every year. Then the whole week is filled with Easter programs, shop concerts, snowmobile cross, reindeer racing, Sami weddings and confirmations. I especially love the Easter festival, because it was they who gave me a stage to stand on for the first time as a 15-year-old.

Did you go on Easter vacation or were you at home with your family?

Was mostly at home in Kautokeino as a child. It’s not really Easter without Kautokeino.

Alexandra, Tom and Fred were also kids, once, but how were their Easters? What are their best memories from their childhood Easters?

Are there any of the Easter traditions of your childhood that you have brought into your adult life?

I still go to the Easter festival every year, and for the last 13 years, I have played concerts there. I ski a lot during Easter as in my childhood, and I just love putting music in my ear and going for a long walk.

What does Easter mean to you in general?

Easter gathers family and friends, trips, and nice weather, as well as a lot of Sami culture.