Battle of the Stars »knocks out« Shall we dance

The difference in the number of viewers only increases between “Star Wars” and “Shall we dance”.

By Jørn Pettersen, October 25th, 2021
Translated by Karina Brandt

OUT OF BATTLE OF THE STARS: Carina Dahl had to say goodbye in the semifinals. Thus, it is Alexandra Rotan and Bjørn Tomren who meet in the final on Saturday. Photo: NRK

On Saturday and during the weekend, a total of 908,000 people realized that Carina Dahl had to leave “Battle of the Stars” in the semifinals.

In comparison, there were 526,000 who saw that it was Royane Harkati who went out out of “Shall we dance” the week before the quarterfinals.

The audience numbers last weekend were 861,000 for “Battle of the Stars” and 491,000 for “Shall we dance”.

NRK’s ​​head of analysis, Kristian Tolonen, informs VG that this is the second most watched “Battle of the Stars” program so far this season, only beaten by the program two weeks ago with its 977,000 viewers.

– This year’s season of “Battle of the Stars” is already now with an average of 835,000 viewers somewhat better than last season which ended with 788,000 viewers. “Battle of the Stars” is one of the big things on TV that still gathers many viewers at the same time, says Tolonen.

The weekend two weeks ago, “Shall we dance” also had good numbers with 572,000 viewers.

OUT: On Saturday, it was Royane and her dance partner Ole Thomas Hansen who had to leave “Shall we dance”. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2

– “Shall we dance” continues to deliver a strong season on TV 2. Despite many injuries, and unexpected changes during the season, the viewers are with us. Now we are looking forward to the competition, with a very exciting quarterfinal next weekend, says program editor Kathrine Haldorsen in TV 2.

“Battle of the Stars” was by the way the weekend’s most watched program on NRK. Even “New on new” with a total of 831,000 viewers had to be beaten by the popular “Battle of the Stars”