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Risk of alljoik in Sogndal: – We are very happy

Everyone can join.
– Children and young people have had their lives affected to a very large extent in the last year, which is why we have chosen to have the concerts on this tour open to all ages so that everyone can join the party. We are really looking forward to being able to play concerts, even though there are limitations with the audience in mind, says Fred Buljo.

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The Summer of my Life

Thursday evening, some of us members of the KEiiNO Fangroup Official and the KEiiNO’s Sunbeam group sat benched in front of our computers or phones, waiting for Alexandra, Tom and Fred to appear in the announced zoom meeting for members of these two groups. Of course, the same second they appeared on screen, the laptop I was on, decided to go black, so I missed out on the first five minutes of the meeting. What a bummer.

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They came, they saw, they conquered…

Tonight we were once again treated to a really funny, entertaining and at times… risqué show from Stuart, Tom, Sean & Co. – aka the great panel for the second night of the 2021 ESC FAN TV Awards! Excitement and passions ran high, friendly insults abounded again between the high-spirited panel members, and the chat room was going nuts, to the point that co-host Tom Hughes was unable to keep up!

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I was born in the winter
When the day was dark as the night
Pale blue lips of the morning
‘Cause the darkness follow the light
Found a northern boy in the summer
When he told me not to be shy
I kissed him down by the river
And I left him down there to die

Cause my mother told me
Girl, to make a someone like you
Someone stronger than the ice
That kings would bow down to
I had to find the northern star
A boy would never do

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