KEiiNO new single : “Vil ha dig”


cover of “Jeg vil ha dig” from 1998

Tonight at midnight, 20th of Septembe 2019, KEiiNO’s next single is realeased. Its called “Jeg vil ha dig” (I want you), and is a cover of Drömhus/Freestyle from 1998. I remember clearly how it raced the radio stations along with Backstreet Boys, Boyzone and others around that time, so I am very excited to hear KEiiNO’s version of this song.

The music video for the song was shot this past weekend, and Fred, Alexandra and Tom were all styled up in the style of the late 90’es, and Tom reminds so much of what Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys looked like back then… I have snatched this photo from Tom’s own facebook to show and he really IS too cute for words:

IS this Tom? or is it Nick Carter grown up??

Alexandra is her usual Beauty queen with the sweetest smile and Fred – wow.. he is just so handsome, isn’t he?

I can hardly wait for midnight to finally hear this song. BUT – whenever we talk about KEiiNO as heroes and stars, we must not forget the amazing people in their crew, who all pull together and chip in, in order for KEiiNO to be amazing. Sophie who creates their website, many of their gorgeous graphics, her husband Rüdiger who mixes and adds and removes instruments and play around until everybody are happy with the songs – Alexandra, Tom and Fred’s families and spouses etc. who all back them up to lift them up to be amazing. And the fans – never forget, KEiiNO fans = KEiiNO Family.

yet another gorgeous graphic from Sophie Schramm