KEiiNO new video : “Vil ha dig”


At exactly 3 pm CET, the brand new video for KEiiNO’s “Vil ha dig” was premiered through their facebook and youtube channel, and personally it has been a long wait, since it was announced to be premiered on September 26th and many of us thought the counter-down on their Instagram WAS for the video, which it was not, but the new Australian tour dates.

So when we this morning learned that it would be today at 3 pm, today suddenly became a long wait.

But its here, and for me its just a brilliant video, since I was young and active in the 90’es with all the boybands going around.

Watch and enjoy:

“Vil ha dig” KEiiNO’s new video release, premiered today at 3pm ECT. A BRILLIANT cover of Drömhus/Freestyle’s song from 1998