KEiiNO Official FanGroup on Facebook

Did YOU know, that there is an official KEiiNO Fangroup on Facebook? Not? Really?

Well, there IS and we are inviting ALL KEiiNO fans and lovers and likers and supporters to join. One of the advantages of being in the group is we were lucky to get a 1,13 minute long snippet in a secret link, ONLY for the members of the group, to their new single, COLORS, a unique thing for the group, so if YOU want to be this lucky, perhaps you should join us on the link above.

Join KEiiNO Fangroup Official on Facebook
the secret link we got 12 hours before the release of the song. If YOU want access to this kind of thing, join KEiiNO Fangroup Official on Facebook. Its free of charge, all we require is that you respect the rules of the group.

Another benefit of being in the fangroup, is unique greetings from Tom, Fred, and Alexandra, not posted anywhere else but in the group:

Screenshot of KEiiNOs video greeting to the Fangroup members, with the news of pre-listen to their new single, COLORS