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PRAYING – new KEiiNO release

AND it is HERE – KEiiNO’s new release, Praying, was released at midnight on Spotify and iTunes, and certainly lives up to every expectation – and more. A few seconds into the song and my feelings were already so overwhelmed that tears were streaming down my cheeks. Praying is absolutely amazing, and like explained earlier by KEiiNO, it is a little darker than Spirit in the Sky. Fred’s joiking is deeper and more “growling” and the drums harder and darker… and the chorus “praying, should i be praying” has a bit of vocoder in over and it is just absolutely thrilling.

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COLOURS – new single from KEiiNO

COLOURS is the name of the new amazing single by Norweigan KEiiNO, and us who are in their official fangroup, which you can find on , were gifted a 1,13 minute long snippet of the song, Thursday at lunchtime. And oh, this song has everything. A child joiking, Sápmi text, english, loads of instruments and is SUCH a happy song you can’t not sing along to, and jiggle around on your chair, unless you’re on the floor dancing.

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