Missing videos on this site

Some of you have noticed that some videos are missing from articles and posts on this website. Well, this site is located in Denmark in Scandinavia, and Polaris Music Hub, the company which handles the deals and agreements on behalf of the music copyrighting company in Denmark, Koda, are in strife with Youtube over the lack of proper royalties to the artists presenting their music on Youtube.

This has caused blocking off a lot of Danish hosted videos on Youtube, there amongst some of my youtube hosted videos of KEiiNO and their performances, and there is just nothing any of us can do about it, other than hope they will figure out their strife and come to an agreement, so we can get our videos shown to the world again.

Companies around the world affiliated with Danish music companies and artists has reciprocated by not making THEIR music videos available here in Denmark… so a lot is missing on this website at the moment, and I am really sorry about that. It’s all about geoblocking and artist rights for the moment.

The optimist I am, think that at some point the strife will end, so I have decided to just leave the videos unavailable in the articles and posts, and if/when the strife is over, they will return automatically again. Please hold your fingers crossed.

/Karina Brandt