When a bunch of amazing people…

make it happen

by Karina Brandt, August 5th, 2021

Under normal circumstances, I would not be able to go very far from home so I never thought I would be going to see KEiiNO playing live unless they were playing on the lawn in front of my house. But because a little bunch of absolutely amazing people have chipped in in different ways, a huge dream is now all of a sudden coming true, more or less out of the blue, and I am now going to Kristiansand later today, to be at the KEiiNO concert at Bendiksbukta at 7pm. Am I happy? YES.

Living on a tiny island as Southern in Denmark as possible, so Southern that it’s almost German, it’s a bit of a long trip – compared in Danish measures, probably not in other countries’ measures. But we are used to short distances here, we can drive from one end of Denmark to the other, in only five hours or so, that’s how small Denmark is.

Sonderborg Castle at the most Western part of the island, of Als in the South of Denmark and Her Majesty Queen Margrethe the 2nd’s Royal ship, Dannebrog, lying in front while she is on her yearly three week’s vacation here.

A lovely lady who also lives on this island, which by the way is named Als, suggested we pack her car, with her lavvu so we can have a cheap overnight stay, and took off. First I thought she was joking. but no, she meant it. But the tickets for this concert cannot be bought or reserved as the concert is for free. It would be a VERY long and expensive trip, only to turn up to no tickets. But thankfully Tom assured me there would be reserved a place for us. Thank you so much, Tom.

Originally the idea was first to bring my daughters also, but it turned out that since they are not fully vaccinated, they would have to go into quarantine for three days… and by then we would more or less be on the way home again. So that was some bucket of ice having thrown in my face, especially since the ferry had already been booked and paid!

First I thought I would have to cancel everything and was truly bummed. But luckily I am blessed with two loving girls who thought their mum should have this trip even if they couldn’t go, so they teamed up with their dad and some friends, and organised sleepovers and other activities while I’m away so that I would have nothing to worry about. Thank you, Katrine and Laura and dad.

Being one of the administrators of the official KEiiNO Fangroup, KEIINOFANS, on Facebook, I have to wonderful colleagues, André and Diana, who are so happy for me finally getting to see KEiiNO in action. They have both already had the experience, André even several times AND he is coming tomorrow too so we can FINALLY meet. And these two wonderful people also teamed up to buy me a gift certificate so my friend, Batyah, and I together with André can go to a restaurant and have dinner before the concert. Thank you SO much, André and Diana. I will so enjoy it.

And my close friend for many years, Birgitte, who also is a translator on this website thought she would chip in too and donated for one of the evenings on the camping site, thank you so much, lovely girl.

So, almost everything is now packed, I only need to pack a toothbrush and lunch pack in the morning, then in a few hours Batyah and I will be on the way for our first – but hopefully not last – KEiiNO concert, and I hope I get to meet Tom, Alexandra and Fred, get a little chat, some photos and hopefully some merchandise signed for future competitions in the fangroup.

So I will be away from later today and to late Sunday night and hopefully with a lot of great photos to show and experience to tell you about.

See ya!