Europe in a Day

Have you been to KEiiNO’s home country, Norway yet?

If not, there is a book I recommend you to read.

My good friend and collaboration partner, James Scanlan, who is a huge KEiiNO fan, has released a book named Europe in a Day , it is sold as E-book through Amazon, and the very first chapter he ever wrote for the book, was about beautiful Norway. 

Sandefjord. Photo: James Scanlan

James lives in London in the UK but took a day trip to Norway. The first of Norway he saw, was the beautiful Sandefjord in the Vestfold community, and what he saw, ignited his love and fascination for the North – but also ignited his urge of writing the book, Europe in a Day.

At the moment while Covid-19 takes control of the world and most travel opportunities are out of reach, James is stuck at home like the rest of us, but when the world opens up, he hopes to take a day trip to Sápmi in the North, to write about that too.

Being a huge Eurovision fan, James has taken day trips to several European countries so if you also would love to visit other places than where you usually go, other than reading the book, Europe in a Day, I recommend that you visit James’ website on  where he has posted his travel reports to the European places he has visited on his one-day trips. 

What is also found on his website, is several little projects of “how to say” in 50 languages. Two of the languages presented there are Norwegian and Sámi, which is brought on by his fandom of KEiiNO.

Take a trip to Europe in a Day, both website and book, and imagine yourself following KEiiNO’s footsteps in the beautiful country they were all born and raised.

Photo: James Scanlan
Photo: James Scanlan
Photo: James Scanlan