Guest writer OKTA review

by Ina Nanevska

I’m a 12-year-old girl who fell in love with the song « Spirit in the sky » from this amazing Norweigan band called KEiiNO since the first time I heard it. The first time I heard « Spirit in the sky » was on Melodi Grand Prix known as MGP. Even that I’m not from Norway I used to watch MGP every year.

2019 has been such a long year with many memories, KEiiNO absolutely changed my life and the way I feel about myself. I don’t know what was I going to do without them, they have helped me through the hardest times in my life. Their music, personality, literally everything about them is perfect. They are amazing human beings and it makes me so happy that they released their first album. Here are my not very long reviews on the songs, enjoy 🙂 

Spirit in the sky

Every new song that they release I say that it’s my favourite but the truth is that spirit in the sky is my favourite song because that song is the start of KEiiNO, the start of everything, that song made so many of us believe in ourselves and that song made many of us understand that we should surround ourselves with positive people that actually care for us. With that song, they were on the Eurovision Song Contest and won the public votes which make me really proud of them. Even tho they didn’t win, for every fandom their idols are always the real winners. Spirit in the sky is definitely my favourite song because that song helped me through many experiences in my life, it helped me to be who I actually am and to never let people hold me down with their words. It made me understand my worth and what I deserve. This song has a very special meaning to me and it helped me through the hardest times and made me the person that I am right now.

Also, that was the first time that I found out what « joiking » is. I fell in love with the Sami culture and everything about it, it’s so unique.


Praying is the second song on the album that KEiiNO released after “Spirit in the sky”. Praying has a very special meaning to me and the whole message in the song. I LOVED Fred’s joik in it  which was deeper than usual. I love how they make all the songs sound happy and positive but with deep messages.

Whenever I hear the song it reminds me of their performance when Alexandra and Fred had an inside joke, it makes me laugh every time.

Dancing in the smoke

MASTERPIECE. Very energetic song, whenever I hear it I feel very happy and as Dan said in his Review it gets you on your feet jumping with full energy. Whenever my day is good I always listen to dancing in the smoke. ( I also love the music video soooo much )

Black Leather

I LOVE this song so much. The first time I heard it I left speechless, its just an amazing song and the music video is so 😏🤭 and the chemistry between Alexandra and Tom in the music video, it looks like she turned him straight for a second hahaha.

I love the beginning of the song, with Charlotte Qamaniq’s voice, I haven’t heard of that type of music before but it’s very unique as joik and I really like it!! I learned about so many cultures from KEiiNO, every day we learn something new from them haha.

Would I lie

First of all, I have to say that Alexandra’s high note was INCREDIBLE, I literally died when I heard that part of the song. Fred’s solo was incredible as well, every time I hear him joiking I left speechless, it’s so brilliant. But I got so confused because I didn’t hear Tom’s voice at all.

I’m really glad that they collaborated with the amazing Australian band Electric Fields that reached the 2nd place in Australia’s national selection in 2019, their singing fits so well in the song.

Roar Like a Lion

AHHHH this song, I can’t stop listening it on repeat, everything is perfect in it, but Alexandra’s rapping was — do I even have to explain? She NAILED the rapping part, I haven’t heard her rap before expect when she sang « You got me » ( the song from Melodi Grand Prix 2018 when she got to perform with the wonderful Norweigan rapper Stella Mwangi and once she sang the whole song by herself so that was the first time I heard her rapping but in Roar like a lion, it was literally EVERYTHING ) I love the tempo in the song and the cultures.


When I heard the KEiiNO album, this was the first song that I heard, it actually made me cry because I got so emotional that they came this far after Eurovision and that they finally have their first album. When I heard this song it was my favourite, I love how catchy the song is, Alex’s vocals in it and FRED’S JOIK OMG, in my opinion in this song Fred’s joik was the best till now.


I really like this song, it’s a good song to listen when you are having a good day or like when it’s sunny outside. It makes me feel happy whenever I hear it. The child’s voice at the start fits really good in the song.

Bed with the wolf

As Diana said in her review, it’s another adult-themed song as Black Leather.  Kinda different from KEiiNO’s ‘ style ‘ but I love the song. Alexandra’s vocals slaying as

always we don’t even have to mention it.

Take me home
Okay, but how many times did I hear the song ahahah, I listen to it many times a day, it’s so addictive and catchy, it also has a big meaning to me and it’s definitely one of my favourites from the newest songs in the album. I cried when I heard it for the first time and I absolutely LOOVEEE IT. Tom’s pre-chorus was BOMB.🙂