Alexandra sings the official EHF song 2020

by Karina Brandt

When this year’s European Championship in women’s handball starts in Denmark and Norway from December 3rd to 20th, the song of the year is sung by none other than our beloved Alexandra Rotan. There’s no end to my pride over this – one of my favorite sports events of the year, together with one of my idols, it doesn’t get much bigger than this.

We’re in this together

Until she was 18 years old, Alexandra was an avid handball player herself, so when she was contacted by Need Music and asked if she would write and perform this year’s official song, she was of course very honored and happy to do it, and the result is just great. “We’re in this together” is the title of the song which is a happy uptempo song with happy rhythms you just want to get up from your chair and dance along to. Watch and listen below, and hear for yourself.

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