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Christmas KEiiNO FanArt

In these Corona-times and we have to be as isolated as we do, being creative in many ways is a good way to make days go by. One of the ways to be creative in December, is to create fanart of your idols. 

Feel free to use these Christmas KEiiNO graphics created by me. I don’t own the rights to  the photos used, so please do not start copyrighting these graphics as yours – they are not ours to copyright, that right belongs to the original photographers whomever they were.

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Tom FanArt

The “Rolling exhibition” since it’s a great way of showing people what these dolls are, explain what they are used for, like therapy dolls for Alzheimer’s patients, therapy dolls for childless people, people with PTSD, or mentally and emotionally challenged people… so many good things these dolls carry with them. If only people would be open and non-judgemental instead of judgemental and mean, they would understand how much good these dolls have the potential of doing to a lot of people who are not well.

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