The magic of KEiiNO continues with “Monument”

Review by Virginia Kok

January 15, 2021, a date to remember. KEiiNO releases their newest song at midnight, called “Monument”, which they want to represent Norway with at the Eurovision song contest 2021.

There is less than an hour left until the release and fans from all over the world are gathering in the live chat on YouTube, full of expectations.

Alexandra, Fred and Tom are there as well to chat with their fans. They try to welcome every fan joining the chat, which is incredible, there are so many(Respect for that)! The number of people joining, is increasing so fast, that all the messages start to fly in front of my eyes. Thousands of people waiting to admire “Monument”.

And there it is, the wait is over! We hear Fred’s beautiful joik guiding us through the intro. There are only a few seconds passed and I already feel, this is going to be something to remember, a treasure of music. My heartbeat is racing, the lyrics “Where do we go when it’s over

How do you trace our life in time…what do we leave behind”, accompanied by the breathtaking landscapes of Norway capture my soul immediately. The lyrics, the music, the views make me dream away, I want to visit Norway and to get lost in the sound of the voices of Alexandra, Tom and Fred. It feels magical.

Monument” is a song, a lot of us can relate to. To me, it is a song about the precious memories we make during our life, and those memories can not be taken away from us. In the end we all have to leave this world but the memories remain, “…if we are more than dust and sand”.

In my previous review of KEiiNO’s Christmas concert, I was talking about enchantment, and with “Monument” this magical feeling continues. It is a powerful song, written by extraordinary talented musicians and performed with the heart and soul of Alexandra, Fred and Tom, we all can feel the emotions and the message, KEiiNO sends to the world.

KEiiNO took my heart with “Spirit in The Sky” and still has it. With “Monument” they can reach new heights.

I want to wish them good luck in MGP and hopefully in Eurovision. If Norway wants to win, they deffinitely have to send KEiiNO!