We feel we know everyone who comes to our concerts

Published December 4th, 2020, in Altaposten , by Bjørn Martin Lyng

KEiiNO is on their second stop on their intimate Christmas tour, and after that, they are rigging up for a party concert.

The tour has the good suiting and witty name, “Christmas Spirit In The Sky” and started out in Tønsberg Wednesday. Today it is the City Scene in Alta.

— Alta constantly delivers and it is always great to come back North. It has been a very strange year so I have hardly been to the north. It is always great to come home, Fred Buljo says to Radio Alta.

— I agree Alexandra adds.

— It is always good to come up here and sing and play a little and eat a little great food.

As a part of the warming up for the concerts tonight, the trio rounded the Nordlysbath.

— This is the first time this year I’m bathing, and that it would be in Alta I had never believed, Tom Hugo laughs.

Two times fifty

The first concert starts at 19.00 and is a part of the Christmas tour. This show is directed at families.

— This is a special experience because we only play for 50 people. It has become very intimate for the 50 and we feel we know everyone who comes to our concerts. It makes it a little exclusive both to those who watch and for us, Tom Hugo explains.

At the family concert, there will be mostly Christmas songs, but of course also the most popular songs, just in a more downscaled version.

— But then we have a club concert later in the evening and then we go on with a full KEiiNO-show, with full production and backing-tracks, Buljo reminds us.

At 22.00 there is show concert with the ruling audience-winners of Eurovision Song Contest. Also at this concert, there will only be room for 50 persons.