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Battle of the Stars »knocks out« Shall we dance

On Saturday and during the weekend, a total of 908,000 people realized that Carina Dahl had to leave “Battle of the Stars” in the semifinals.
In comparison, there were 526,000 who saw that it was Royane Harkati who went out out of “Shall we dance” the week before the quarterfinals.
The audience numbers last weekend were 861,000 for “Battle of the Stars” and 491,000 for “Shall we dance”.

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KEIINO was hacked

Someone got our password on Instagram and Twitter, says Tom Hugo Hermansen (41), best known as Tom Hugo, to VG on Saturday.

On the pop group’s Instagram, there is now a picture of a woman, and the account gives the impression of being a Turkish yoga account.

– We do not know who is behind this, but the person in question has sent out a number of messages to people, where it is encouraged to send money. We hope no one does, says Hugo.

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Risk of alljoik in Sogndal: – We are very happy

Everyone can join.
– Children and young people have had their lives affected to a very large extent in the last year, which is why we have chosen to have the concerts on this tour open to all ages so that everyone can join the party. We are really looking forward to being able to play concerts, even though there are limitations with the audience in mind, says Fred Buljo.

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