It affects innocent children who work to accept their differences

September 29th, 2023
by Ragnhild Angell Wennberg, KRS Avisen, Kristiansand
Translated October 4th, 2023
by Karina Brandt

I really feel sorry for the children who had been looking forward to going to a concert with their role model, Tom Hugo, as part of the cultural schoolbag, but is deprived of the opportunity.


This is an opinion. The post expresses the opinions of the writer.

It is the privilege of art to provoke and enlighten, and reach people in ways that we are not capable of,

by other means. Tom Hugo has apparently succeeded here. It’s just that forces outside his control, contributes to the fact that it affects innocent children who may be working to accept their differences.

What is especially unfortunate, and what makes me so distressed on behalf of these young people, is that those who want to go to this concert, who need this, that needs role models who show that it is safe to live  openly as queer, may risk retreating even further into the closet, to a place where the self-loathing and shame of it, are growing.

And it’s actually badly done by groups that should be turning the other cheek.

We have some choices, and some choices we make.

Acceptance of diversity is a choice we make.