People at Flekkeroy react after cancelled concert:- Embarrassing to be associated with

By Av Amalie Andersen og Emilie Zeiner Sending Larsen,
September 30th, 2023 KRS – Avisen Kristiansand

Translated by Karina Brandt, October 4th, 2023

Several have expressed great disappointment after it became known that Lindebøskauen school at Flekkeroy has cancelled the concert with Tom Hugo Hermansen.

It was announced on Friday, that several schools have cancelled concerts with artist, Tom Hugo Hermansen, known from KEiiNO, as a result of several complaints from parents.

The concert is part of Den KulturSkolesekken and contains love songs written by the artist and his husband Alexander Olsson. It is the content of some of the songs that should be the reason for the concerts have been cancelled.

– ABSURD: So says Cecilie Brambani, who lives on Flekkeroy. Photo: Private
– ABSURD: So says Cecilie Brambani, who lives on Flekkeroy. Photo: Private

Brambani believes that it is important to respect that people have different views, but that it is silly that the school has taken a decision to cancel, based on some parents’ personal views.

“We don’t know how big the parent group is, but in my oppinion they have a somewhat narrow mind that doesn’t allow for diversity, and for the school to listen to them – that’s mind-blowing.

She points out that KulturSkolesekken has a system where performances and concerts are adapted to the age group for which they will be performed.

“The children at Flekkeroy can tolerate the same things as the children in the rest of the country, right?” I think you shouldn’t be afraid of diversity, but rather face it. And that such a concert is a fine occasion for discussion.

Requires courage to speak up

Wennberg says that she has received several feedback from people at Flekkeroy who react to the fact that the concert was cancelled.

“They find it embarrassing to be associated with this. Flekkeroy is a diverse community, but that some voices may be heard more than others. She says that several parents feel passed over in the discussion about whether the concert should be held or not, and that they had not received any information before the concert was cancelled.

“What affects me most about this is that the group that needs this the most, has had no opportunity to speak for themselves in this matter. The comments section on Facebook does it for those, which is nice to see. But that It also takes courage, because there is a lot of resistance when you speak for diversity and tolerance for diversity.

Wennberg believes it is important to not take away the opportunity for children to learn that there exists people who is different from themselves.

“That’s how we increase tolerance.

Had been looking forward

After it became known that the school at Flekkeroy had cancelled the concert, Hermansen told KRS that he thought it was hard to understand how people can be negative about songs that make everyone feel included.

“We had been really looking forward to playing at Flekkeroya, and I have a lot of family there, so it’s very bad and weird,” he said.