Absurd they are threatened and harassed during a peace-building event

KEiiNO is harassed on social media, Klemet Anders Buljo says

Controversial: Tom Hugo Hermansen and Alexandra Rotan and Fred René Buljo in the band KEiiNO gets a lot of hassle on the social media. Photo: Terje Bendiksby/NTB Scanpix

Published May 18th, 2019 by Klemet Anders Buljo/Rolf EdmundLund. Translated by Karina Brandt

It’s finale day and excitement before Eurovision, but just before the finale, Klemet Anders Buljo is chocked of the Norwegian finalists are met with threats and harassment. In pappa Buljo’s own column in Altaposten he gives a punch at net trolling and bullies on social media.

Dressed for finale: Klemet Anders Buljo, siblings and a friend are ready for finale party. Photo: Private

Under pressure

— Every little movement KEiiNO does is looked at with sharp eyes. accusation s and threats are thrown at the trio, he writes. People try to force them to take a stand in something they don’t want to be a part of and I think that they first and foremost show diplomatic skills, Klemet Anders writes, who thinks this is meant to be a peace-building arrangement. 

Norway special?

To Altaposten Buljo says that his impression is not that the other participating countries receive the same hassle because of the infected conflict of the Middle East.

— In addition, the entire family gets to feel this on their body, says Buljo to Altaposten. He has three children in place in Tel Aviv.

— It is upstanding people who are down here and who naturally are worried about war and disturbance in the area. The conflict is serious, but this arrangement is to promoted dialogue and peace, Klemet points out.

Social Media

— where do the threats and hassle come from?

— It is primarily on social media, often from fake profiles. What is written is completely absurd, Buljo reports from Israel.

He chooses to have a cozy time with the finale and doesn’t hide that he is very proud of Fred and KEiiNO.