PRAYING – new KEiiNO release


AND it is HERE – KEiiNO’s new release, Praying, was released at midnight on Spotify and iTunes, and certainly lives up to every expectation – and more. A few seconds into the song and my feelings were already so overwhelmed that tears were streaming down my cheeks. Praying is absolutely amazing, and like explained earlier by KEiiNO, it is a little darker than Spirit in the Sky. Fred’s joiking is deeper and more “growling” and the drums harder and darker… and the chorus “praying, should i be praying” has a bit of vocoder in over and it is just absolutely thrilling.

I hope other KEiiNO fans love this song every bit as much as I do, and get the same feeling of being lifted up by the lyrics in it..

KEiiNO sure is out on a mission of lifting people out of their dark, and they succeeded for me. After 18 months of depression, hearing Spirit in the sky at Eurovision, slowly lifted me out and by listening to it several times daily since, I have managed to stay out of the darkness..

Thank you, KEiiNO – its been 20 years since another band made me feel like you do… alive, loved and being able to see the light at the end of a very long tunnel… don’t ever stop making music together… please….