KEiiNO at the VG-Lista show in Oslo – believe in a magical experience

Translated by: Birgitte F. Dawson

EUROVISION: KEiiNO on stage in Tel Aviv Saturday.  Photo:: Sebastian Scheiner /AP

KEiiNO is the headline act for the VG-Lista show at Rådhusplassen in the capital Friday 21st June.

– I have a lot of dreams and getting to sing at Rådhusplassen (City hall square/red.) has always been one of them, Alexandra Rotan (22) sparkles on the phone to VG.

– Now I get to do it with two of my best friends and that’s great, she adds.

– Magical
Tom Hugo is also looking forward to performing at Rådhusplassen.

– It was the Norwegian voters that gave us the ticket to Eurovision – and to be allowed to perform at Norway’s biggest music festival, is a big dream come true. We believe it’ll be a magical experience with all-joik to be heard across the capital, he says.

Who KEiiNO will be sharing the VG-Lista stage with will be revealed in the near future. Soon it’ll also be published who will be the host for the live, free concert in Oslo.

Norway’s official hitlist since 1958, VG-Lista, turned 60 last year. This year it’s the 21st year since the very first VG-Lista show was held outdoors in Oslo.

Along with Tom Hugo (40) and Fred Buljo (31), Rotan reached fifth place in the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv on Saturday. The trio received the most public votes of all. Since then things have only got better for the Norwegian artists, who hadn’t performed together before they threw themselves into the Melodi Grand Prix (Norwegian national ESC selection) adventure with “Spirit In The Sky”.

In Norway, the trio is at the top of the charts on iTunes and Spotify. In the last couple of days, they’ve also stormed the charts in a number of other countries. On Monday, they debuted in 139th place on Spotify’s global daily top 200 chart. KEiiNO beat Swedish John Lundvik (36), who opened in 164th place with his ESC song “Too Late For Love”.

And this leaves them hungry for more. Therefore Tom Hugo, Alexandra Rotan, and Fred Buljo have decided to release an album together.

– We’ve traveled around Europe to meet people. On Saturday it was confirmed that we had succeeded, a satisfied Rotan says.

SUCCESSTRIO: Tom Hugo, Alexandra Rotan and Fred Buljo. Photo: Terje Bendiksby/ NTB scanpix