KEiiNO’s newest single gives a taste of the new album

Translated by: Brooklyn Northcote

In 2019, KEiiNO unveiled a new album focusing on indigenous languages from around the world – now comes the first taste.
Article by Dan Robert Larsen and Lena Marja Myrskog

Exciting collaboration: Alexandra Rotan, Tom Hugo, Charlotte Qamaniq and Fred Buljo photographed in studio in connection to the recording of the new single.

– This is the first song in the series of indigenous songs. It will be found on the new album, which will be released in March, says joiker and vocalist Fred Buljo to NRK.

The single has been named “Black Leather”.  It is a collaboration with Canadian throat singer Charlotte Qamaniq.

KEiiNO: Fred Buljo, Alexandra Rotan and Tom Hugo. Foto by Raw Gaweda

– We had a very good collaboration with Charlotte Qamaniq. I felt as soon as she entered the room, that she had a very special energy and radiance, says Buljo.

He elaborates:
– Indigenous people give something. I feel like we have the same story in a way.

Ivan Buljo also released a new single, “Go beaivváš badjána” in collaboration with Kaia Francesca.

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Collaboration with indigenous artists

In October, the trio embarked on their next project; to make music with other indigenous artists around the world.

2019 was the UN Year of Indigenous Languages. It is in this context that they have chosen the theme of the album. 

Black Leather is the first single from the album.  It also includes cooperation with Aborigines, Maori and UAE.

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-Throat singing is a form of communication, entertainment and a kind of ritual between two people. To me, a lot in the throat singing is reminiscent of joik, Buljo thinks.

After MGP, Keiino has released five singles and toured in Norway, Europe and Australia.

They have played for full houses in cities such as London, Sydney and Melbourne. The group has also got tens of thousands to joike during Madrid, Cologne and Stockholm Pride.

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Achieved a lot
Since its debut in January 2019, Keiino has achieved a lot.
The trio is nominated for the Spellemann Prize for this year’s song. In addition, they have sold platinum and won four Scandipop awards.

KEiiNO also reached # 1 on the VG list and # 2 on Spotify’s global Viral chart.

By the refurbished pop blog Popjustice, they were ranked as the third best single in 2019.

KEiiNO also won two awards at this year’s Sami music Awards and was named ambassadors for the UN Year of Indigenous Languages.

The energetic mix of pop, joik and Scandinavian traditional tunes has gained a large audience far beyond the borders.

Keiino also received much praise for the performance of “Spirit in the sky” during this year’s Melodi Grand Prix final in Trondheim.

200 million TV viewers had KEiiNO as a favourite during the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019. 

“Spirit in the Sky” did well on the charts in several European countries.  And they reached #10 of the list of the world’s most popular songs on iTunes.

It has so far streamed more than 25 million times.