When the artists becomes bigger than politics

  • It was just to shut off the social media

By Klemet Anders Buljo, May 17th 2019, from Tel Aviv, for Altaposten.no
Printed by Rolf EdmundLund, Translated by Linda Karina Rasmussen, KEiiNO Fans Official

In Tel Aviv: Klemet Anders Buljo reports from Tel Aviv, where he is following his son, Fred. Getting hold of Fred was, however, easier said than done the first days.  Photo: Reiullf Grønnevik

I was asked to write articles directly from the heart and have intensions of honouring the agreement with the readers of the Altapost.

How does it feel to be the father to one of Europe’s absolutely most profiled artists, the editor asked me. Well, it is like this that I, as active musician, am used to using a heartfelt language. And what does that mean? I think that okay, Rolf Edmund Lund, you don’t know what you are asking.

I arrived in Tel Aviv and at the hotel late, two nights before the semi finale. All hope of meeing one’s first-born disappears. As a result of 15 hours travel with similar low bloodsugar, the patience is at a low point. The thought of meeting a stressed son with a fully packed program with a similar level of stress, is little tempting, since one knows the situation.

The bed is more tempting, and after a short dinner with Fred’s brother, Mihkkal, and the bandcolleague in Duolva Duottar, Ole Mantte Gaup, it becomes a longer nights’ sleep, until late morning. It helps with an amazing lunch at the beach. What a happiness, I think. Then the commotion of getting hold of the main person begins, at least for my part.

Thousands of thoughts fly through my head. Spending a lot of money on a flight to the Middle East and to be honest – I also have four others who need attention. Luckily at least two of Fred’s siblings are in their spot in Tel Aviv, I think. So then I’d better tell where I’m sitting then?  No, really? After 4-5 attempts to getting hold of the mainperson, I give up. I meet hard-core fans from kautokeino, susanne Elisabeth Siri and Karen ellen Inga Eira.

None of them have tickets to the finale, but say they are only here because of KEiiNO and hope to meet the band. As a little too overly positive follower, I promise something I afterwards think can become a little difficult.

While I wait for answers about dress-rehearsals and such, I give up getting hold of Fred. In between I read a little of the comments from the audience on various medias online.

Its something I really shouldn’t, all kind of garbage comments take more attention from the audience than what is healthy. Because of the mid-east politics I’m worried about all sorts of things, but what does it help?

After one hour of, partly subjective comments, I chose to close off for SoMe. half crazy absurd claims…. 

/Klemet Anders Buljo