KEiiNO Backstage Report – Vulkan Arena, Oslo

Vulkan Arena

November 20th 2021

Thursday, November 18th, early in the morning, my oldest daughter, Katrine, and I set off from the very South of Denmark, Sonderborg, by train, heading for Copenhagen to catch a flight to Norway, to attend KEiiNOs much-anticipated party concert at Vulkan Arena in Oslo on Saturday the 20th. 

We were going to be in Norway for four days, staying at a friend’s house in Sarpsborg, Susan Stoltenberg, who we brought with us as a guest to the concert too as a thank you for having us. 

Three happy VolKEiiNOs. On the left: Susan and Katrine. On the right, Karina and Susan.
Photo: Private

Living in Sarpsborg we had one and a half-hour of travel by train to Oslo for the concert, and during that trip, we realised we would not be able to stay for the DJ sets and party after the concert, otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to get a train back until next day.

It was a huge disappointment for me as I had really looked forward to this for a long time and it made me very sad, I would really have loved to experience that too, but the most important was the concert.

Being the owner and daily manager of KEiiNO NEWS and one of the three administrators of the “KEiiNO Fan Group Official” on I attended the concert with entire three hats on. Fan, newsite reporter and fangroup administrator and before leaving Denmark I had made arrangements with Tom about them signing some photos for future competitions in the fangroup. Suddenly this was hanging in a thin thread as signings and photos etc. usually takes place after the concerts. Luckily for us and for the future winners of the photos, we were brought backstage before the concert which was a big and a really great surprise, so there was indeed time for signing photos. Håvard, their very energetic drummer, came to bring us backstage and what a sight that met us. Look for yourself in the video below, filmed by Katrine.

A really nice visit backstage at the KEiiNO concert at Vulkan Arena. Video: Katrine Holmgaard/KEiiNO NEWS

As you can see, the joy of reunion was strong from both sides. It was difficult to stay professional at that moment and not fall into emotion right there and then. Katrine didn’t know how to react when Fred put his arm around her, she hadn’t expected that and was already quite star-struck alone by the thought of going backstage. 

Then came Alexandra descending, like a goddess floating in the sky, down the stairs from the first floor, radiating happiness and excitement, looking like a queen in black and hot pink. Wow. She was absolutely stunning.

“I see a goddess floating in the sky, she tells me all you have to do is fly”. Two lines from the latest single, Venus, that precisely describes Alexandra Rotan as we met her backstage. We also had the nice pleasure of meeting Markus Maaren Bastøe and Håvard Kverne Hansen too. Photo: Katrine Holmgaard/KEiiNO NEWS.

I received a big strong warm hug from her too, every bit as overwhelming as the one from Fred.

I think this photo speaks entirely for itself. Photo: Katrine Holmgaard/KEiiNO NEWS
Photo; Katrine Holmgaard/KEiiNO NEWS
Susan had the best night of her life. When we left Sarpsborg, she didn’t know she was going backstage to meet her idols, at the very first concert with them. Photo: Katrine Holmgaard/KEiiNO NEWS.

Tom was last in line and was radiating every bit as much as Alexandra, in fact, they all looked SO happy and excited for the concert, finally being able to play for so many people, standing close together, again without Corona-restrictions. 

Next up in hugging-line, Katrine. Photo: Katrine Holmgaard/KEiiNO NEWS
The radiating Queen of KEiiNO. Photo:: Katrine Holmgaard/KEiiNO NEWS
And Katrine finally met her idol. Photo: selfie by Katrine Holmgaard/KEiiNO NEWS

We chatted a bit about this and that, the long trip we had behind us, us being upgraded to first-class on the plane, and of course, we couldn’t forget the signing of the photos for the fangroup competitions. So a stack of photos spread out on a table and here I think I will let the pictures speak for themselves for a while.

Fred signing photos for future competition prizes in KEiiNO Fan Group Official. Photo: Katrine Holmgaard/KEiiNO NEWS.
Ready, set, GO. Fred signing photos for greetings and competition prizes.
Photo: Karina Brandt/KEiiNO NEWS
We had the pleasure of meeting Pamela the Pam, the pre-act before the KEiiNO show.
Look at this gorgeous , happy, lady. Photo: Katrine Holmgaard/KEiiNO NEWS

What a happy smile. No doubt they were all looking forward to this evening. Finally being able to perform for so many standing close together again. Photo: Karina Brandt/KEiiNO NEWS
This photo tells it all. Photo: Karina Brandt/KEiiNO NEWS
Last but not least – all of us in one photo. Photo: Tobias Aasgaarden on Katrine’s Canon M10.