Lots of new songs – but no new album

Artwork above by Even Steinar

A lot of KEiiNO fans have been speculating a lot – and hoping – whether or not KEiiNO would release a second album this year. 

In a recent interview, we learnt that they had written so many songs that they could easily release one every month.  Naturally, this raised some hopes and expectations amongst the fans and a lot of guessing.

Last Friday, KEiiNO had a livestream with questions and answers, in which we learnt that there indeed are going to be a lot of new songs and that we ought to check in around every six weeks or so, but there is no new album planned for 2021, but probably early 2022. 

Yesterday we heard a snippet of their new single, “Unbreakable”, which is being released at midnight tonight. “Unbreakable” has a beautiful soundscape that reminds me of a mix between Abba – who many of us love – and Steps, who always has a very catchy happy poptone to their music. 

Personally I can’t wait to hear the rest of the new song, and it will be a LONG day until midnight.

What are your thoughts on “Unbreakable”?

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