THREE awards for KEiiNO in Scandipop Awarads 2021


At the end of December 2020, it was announced that KEiiNO was nominated in three categories in the Scandipop Awards 2021.

They were nominated in the following categories:

Best electropop where they were up against Andreas Stone with the song, Cold In Mexico, against Annie with the song The Streets Where I Belong, Chris Holsten and Wish I Never Met you, Dagny with Somebody and Petra Marklund with Panna Mot Panna.

Best album where they were up against Annie with her album, Dark Hearts, Astrid S with the album Leave It Beautiful, Dagny with the album Strangers/Lovers, Estraden’s Mellan Hägg Och Syrén and Isak Danielson’s Remember To Remember Me.

Best group where they are up against Estraden, Smith & Tell, Sycamore Tree, The Mamas and Vargas & Lagola.

KEiiNO won ALL THREE categories which, of course, makes us fans VERY happy, but not surprised.