Adult Fandom – Ebba Glasell

My name is Ebba, I  live in the southeastern part of Sweden and I am in my late 30s.

I believe I discovered Keiino for the first time as they entered the Melodi Grand Prix back in 2019.

The reason why I became so passionate about them, and eventually starting following them on Instagram, and listen to their music on Spotify was because I, like them, share a very similar story of always being told, as a child in school, that I was not good enough because I was different from the rest of my friends. So when “Spirit in the Sky” was released, I was overjoyed because not only are Alexandra and Tom the greatest vocalists of all time, but Fred and his joiking was a welcoming bonus! I knew about Fred previously from listening to his Sámi rap group, Duolva Duottar!

Did it happen all at once? No, it didn’t. Because as many other people I have plenty of favourite bands and artists that I listen to and enjoy, so it escalated over time, and as time went by, Keiino is my go-to band when I need a break from everyday pursuits! I often don’t need to explain myself to other people why I love Keiino so much, but if I had to, I would say something along those lines: I am passionate about this band because we share a lot of common ground and values in life, that regardless of your ethnicity, the colour of your skin and spiritual leanings, we all can contribute to a better world through mutual understanding and respect! 

What I think of how I personally can benefit from following Keiino on all the social media platforms and Spotify and so on, is because music as we all know is a powerful tool to connect people from every corner of the world, and we can all take something from their lyrics and apply them to our everyday situation! Also in regard of the current situation with all the lockdowns and restrictions, I feel that Keiino’s music gives me an opportunity to get away from all of the sadness that comes with the isolation we all feel, and I personally can dream myself back to Sápmi as I spend my childhood and teenage years on the Swedish Side and can recall a lot of things I learned from being around Sámi friends and acquaintances!

I love how big the fanbase of fellow Volkeiinos has grown and how we can share our love and appreciation for these three amazing people!

My hopes for Keiino in the future, is for them to do even more collaborations with Indigenous artists, do more fabulous music and I hope that I can get to meet them in person in the future!